Happy Tree Friends - False Alarm

Happy Tree Friends - False Alarm 1.0

An adventure platformer quest based on the popular animated series
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Control the creatures from the Happy Tree Friends animated shorts and guide them through dangerous areas. Avoid obstacles and initiate specific action to view stylized animations recreating the original animation style. The game features multiple stages.

The cute, cuddly Happy Tree Friends meet with one horrible, twisted disaster after another and only their friend Lumpy can save them! Armed with a helicopter pack, Lumpy hurls flaming napalm or explosive nitro to blow open areas where his friends may be trapped, or puts them into a deep freeze if they're about to walk into danger, and that's just the beginning. The creators of the popular TV series deliver all the gory yet comedic action the series is best known for in 10 exclusive disaster-filled scenarios, each with three frantic levels and all-new Happy Tree Friends video content. Help save the accident-prone friends from ultimate disaster!

Main Features:

- Playable Happy Tree Friends character - See the famous friends in 3D for the first time and control Lumpy as he rushes to save his friends, including Cuddles, Toothy and Flaky.
- Disaster levels created exclusively for Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm - Ten original and engaging disaster scenarios include mishaps in a Mine Shaft, Candy Factory and Museum.
- Exclusive Happy Tree Friends content - Check out all-new video content created exclusively for the game.
- Gameplay true to the TV franchise - Experience the non-stop hilarious Happy Tree Friends-style action where their accident prone universe means gore and mayhem are inevitable.
- Xbox LIVE® Arcade leaderboards - Compete with friends, earn Achievements and track your progress as you advance through Story mode.http://dl.sega.com/downloads/videos/htf_podcast1.mov

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